Alden Tanker Boot

The Alden Tanker Boot aka the NST (Norwegian Split Toe) Boot is a classic in the making. There are many stories on why this boot called a “tanker” boot, such as the Barrie last which it is constructed on, was suppled to to the US Military, or that the combination of the commando sole and hand construction is but like a “tank.”

The toe is still hand sewn together, which gives the boots a nice contrast to the factory construction. The whiskey shell cordovan is a rare color, due to the scarcity of unmarked shell, so Alden can only do a run every two years or so. This NST is produced in conjunction with Leffot NYC.

I love to beat up my shoes and nothing can withstand the elements like horsehide. I usually wear them in the rain and snow, although not really recommended, since it is a pair of dress boots and not work boots. A light go with a brush easily brings the luster back to the shell.
Tanker Boots Nice & Dirty
Tanker Boots Nice & Clean

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