Shoe Construction Part Two

Norwegian / Storm Welt Construction

By turning the upper out and laying a welt on top, a seal is created where water will not enter. Although primarily used for country or hiking boots, this method also appears on dress shoes at times. It’s definitely not a slim or streamlined aesthetic. However, if you prefer a rugged look, this is one way to go. Some shoemakers add a piping of silicone between the insole and welt, to make the soles thoroughly waterproof.

Storm Welt

Stitched-Down / Veldtschoen Construction

Similar to the Norwegian construction, instead of the welt laying on top of the upper, the welt is stitched underneath the upper. I prefer this method for boots because of the clean look. Companies like Wesco and Viberg continue to use this method for most of their boots. English makers utilize this method for most of their country or hiking (when I say hiking I mean a stroll through the countryside) boots.

Stitch Down

Blake Rapid

Rapid Blake Detail


Goodyear Welted

Hand Welted

Hand Welted

Norwegian Welt

Storm Welted

Stitch Down

Stitch Down Detail


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