Denime 557 XX Jacket Shins

At one point in my life I was obsessed with collecting Type III denim jackets from every manufacturer including vintage. Needless to say it was a near impossibility to achieve that, so I calmed the F down. Nevertheless, this is my favorite denim jacket and one that I wear daily as soon as it gets warm enough outside.

Back in the day, before shopping proxies, I had a friend who happened to be traveling to Japan, buy clothes for me from there. He was roughly my size so he could try them and let me know if they fitted. This jacket is one of those friend-fitted types.

12 years and going strong, the creases and fade marks make this jacket more endearing. Created by Levi’s during the 1960s, it was inspired from the Lee 101J jacket from the 1940s. Featuring chambray pocket flap lining, a a paper patch and NO side or inner pockets. Thats what makes this jacket legit!

Denime 557 XX Denim Shins Corp
12 years old

— My Denim Life