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Viberg 8” Engineer Boots

There is nothing more classic than a pair of engineer boots. The date of their invention is disputable, but it seemed to have landed on its current specs somewhere in the 1930s. Currently there are more makers to choose from than ever before, but one of the best bang-for-the-buck boots are made by Viberg. A heritage brand that has been around since 1931, they are still a family-owned business. Traditionally, a work boot manufacturer, they have since transformed into a “fashion” brand. I use the word fashion lightly because, sometimes fashion implies trendy. I consider Viberg a classic footwear brand, as much as an Edward Green or Alden’s. Trends will come and go, but if Viberg only made their engineer boots, service boots and work boots, they’ll be just fine. Not to say they aren’t innovative, they’re known for their classic service boot more than anything.

Which brings me to their engineer boots. They are customizable as well as sold as stock. There are many SMUs that make it many stores, so the choices are infinite. And of course, there still is the classic black horsehide boots. The specs may change over the years, but this boot just screams high quality. They are still made in Canada by a small group of craftspeople, and the best part is that they are not as expensive as you think.

I would consider Viberg in the middle of the market for engineer boots. In terms of pricing, Chippewa would be on the low side, then Red Wing, Keystone and finally, Viberg. Its nowhere as pricy as a pair of Clinch but I would argue that the quality is up there. Clinch is a whole other animal in terms of finishing, but that’s for another post.

— My Denim Life